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I love to wake up early, around 6:00 am. To me the morning is the most special time of the day. I love getting up before the sun comes up when the house is quiet and still.

I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth, spray my vanilla perfume on, make my hair look decent (even if I put it in a ponytail), put on some comfy lounging clothes and head to the kitchen.

I light candles and incense to make the house smell nice. I tune into the energy of my house. If it feels off, I’ll burn some sage. Next I tidy up the kitchen and light different lights in the living areas. Every light has dimmer switches, as I enjoy mood lighting, even in the morning.

The first thing I drink is two huge glasses of water. In one of them I put a teaspoon of Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. This cleanses out my stomach and alkalizes my body. Sometimes I use fresh lemon juice, but I prefer the vinegar for its many health benefits. I take one strong probiotic by Renew Life and then I make my “special” coffee.

I am very fussy about my morning coffee. My husband and I are coffee fanatics. We only buy organic strong Sumatra or French Roast coffees. We have a great Capressa grinder that grinds our coffee right before we brew it. We also use a paper Melitta filter. This makes the coffee less acidic. It’s fantastic!

After the coffee is brewed, I create my own version of Bulletproof coffee. Here’s my recipe:

  1. Two teaspoons of organic virgin coconut oil
  2. One teaspoon of sweet unsalted Kerry Gold grass fed butter
  3. One heaping teaspoon of organic dark agave syrup

Mix well in your coffee cup or you can mix it in a blender. The Blender will froth it up like a cappuccino. But I’ve been lazy about that, so I just mix it well and drink. I remix it occasionally as the oils come up to the surface. I think I’m going to buy a frothing wand that I can use right in the mug. Anyway, this coffee is truly delicious. The combination of oils and coffee acts as a fat burner, energizer, and brain fuel. The best part is it cuts my hunger so that I often don’t eat my first meal until lunchtime. Note: If I am working out at the gym I will eat some carbohydrates before and protein with carbs after.

My perfect morning is when I meditate for at least 10 minutes, pray for about 15-20 minutes and then bounce on my Cellucizer (rebounder) for 20-30 minutes. I almost always listen to Joel Osteen’s sermons while I bounce. Joel’s positive messages of encouragement always lift my spirits. I like infusing my mind with God and faith. After that I stretch, use some free weights for my arms, and do a little ab work. A few days a week I take Pure Barre classes.

I don’t like to bombard my senses with TV or the newspaper when I wake up. Instead, I prefer to set my own emotional tone and fill my head with positivity. After I exercise, I put on smooth jazz or R and B music. I call that my “happy music” and I dance around my bathroom or my house while listening to it. This kind of music puts me in an altered state of utter joy.

We have beautiful birds that visit our backyard. I love to watch them through my kitchen windows as I begin my day. Sometimes I’ll see armadillos or raccoons scampering across our yard. For a few months we had a fox walking around every day. That was unusual, to say the least. We have a family of deer that sleep on our front lawn. It’s interesting, because we only live 10 minutes from the heart of downtown Austin and yet where we live seems like we are light years away from the city.

Then I go to my computer in my office to check emails, write blogs, etc.

After my computer time, I go downstairs to shower, do my makeup, touch up my hair, and get dressed. I try to look beautiful every day: even when I am casual, even when I am working from home and even when I go to the gym. I give myself the respect I deserve. I think carefully about where I am going, whom I will be meeting, how I want to be perceived and I how I want to feel. I take every aspect into consideration. I put a lot of thought into my appearance instead of letting it be just an “after thought”.

Every day I am also very conscious of raising my vibration and energy to a positive place, so that by the time I get dressed and leave my house, I am in a good headspace, focusing on the positive aspects of myself and whomever I am going to interact with. I don’t use drugs to feel better. I prefer God.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetYears ago I learned from Reverend Michael Beckwith that I have a chance to be a beneficial presence on this planet everywhere I go. My energy will be contagious, whether good or bad. So I prefer to have good energy and vitality. As the Rev said, “I get to make a positive difference in this world.” That’s important to me and I live by that point of view.

My morning regimen is really more a ritual of honoring my self, my family, and the wonderful people in my life. It is about taking the time to prepare myself to face the world the best way I can every single day. I take nothing for granted. I know everything is a gift, on loan from God.

As I start up my car, I thank God for divinely protecting me, guiding me and keeping me safe. Then off I go.

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    Thank you for your kind words. I am here to inspire as long as this life will allow it!

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