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For years I have taught about the spiritual side of beauty. A week ago I was in Singapore presenting at the first ever Excel Women’s Conference. I had the honor of speaking on Saturday and Sunday to a group of about 500 women.

Although the numbers were relatively small compared to women’s conferences in the U.S., the spirit was large and the women were excited to learn and empower themselves.

Eve in the crowd

This was a very long and expensive trip for me to make. But the moment I heard about this conference, I knew in my soul that I had to be a part of it. Women are still struggling for equality in this world and I wanted to do my share to help empower them in whatever way I can. Plus Singapore is such an extraordinary city: ultra modern, artistic, clean, safe, and orderly. The people are educated, hardworking, and calm. What a winning combination!

It is extremely common for women to focus on the physical external elements of beauty, but forget to nurture the spiritual, mental and emotional sides of it. Not just in Asia, but in most countries. To me, it is the metaphysical side of image that is the foundation of true lasting beauty. It was precisely this awareness that I was eager to share with the women in Singapore. For this knowledge facilitates the real makeover process, which is very deep and profound.

What I found, to my delight, was that the women were extremely receptive and open to this new way of looking at beauty. In my presentation, we were able to connect in a heartfelt way, crossing the boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity and age.

Eve signing autographs

After I finished speaking on the stage, I had the chance to personally meet with many of the attendees. This was the highlight of my trip as we connected heart to heart and soul-to-soul. I am convinced that loving energy and kindness truly knows no boundaries if we open ourselves up to it.

The women of Singapore are amazing! They are educated and hard working. They embrace learning, are hungry to succeed, and to better themselves. They crave excellence, as do all Singaporeans, which is evident to any visitor.

I am convinced that globally, women will help to heal this world with our collective loving goddess energy. My vision is to bring the profound power of beauty with its divine energy of light and love to as many people as I can on this planet.


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