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I have been traveling internationally a lot the last few years. The incredibly long trips can really take a toll on a woman’s psyche and body. I like to be high energy so I had to figure out a way to do these flights and still feel good after. Otherwise, it can be grueling to fly 8 or more hours. When I go to Singapore the trip can total 24 to 32 hours of travel!!!

I always fly business class so I can stretch out my body and sleep. Honestly, I’m past the age that I could fly for 20 hours in coach. I’d rather stay home. Call me a snob but I believe that we decide how we’re going to live and what’s acceptable in our lives…and then we attract that. If we set the bar low, that’s all we’ll get. I set my bar to what feels good. Pampered feels very good to me.

photo 1-33Pampering aside, I realized after reeling with jet lag and fatigue after long flights, that there were certain things I could do to feel better.

First of all I found it’s super important to hydrate for at least a week before my flight. The altitude and cabin pressure can be a dehydration disaster. I know our bodies don’t get hydrated in a day, so I may sure I drink a 16 oz bottle of raw unpasteurized coconut water plus at least 8-10 big glasses of filtered water with minerals on a daily basis…especially a week or so before a flight. I drink much more water the day I travel. Fresh vegetable juice helps alkalize my body and makes me feel good.

I take Emergen-C on the flight with me to keep my electrolyte levels high. I also pack all my regular vitamins and supplements. One baggy of my supplements for each day I’m on the road. In fact, I’ve noticed that most of my friends take less vitamins when they travel because it’s a hassle to carry all that stuff, but I know traveling can be hard on the body so I amp up my regular routine.

The same goes for my skincare. I travel with serums, potions, and lotions. Anything to make my skin look like I just had a facial. I use scrubs and masks and super hydrating creams. Anything to keep me from looking like a dried up prune.

On the days that I am actually on the plane, I try to wear soft fabrics that don’t have tight waistlines, but are stylish and chic. If I wear a dress, I take soft leggings to put on under it when I get on the plane. I do wear makeup and especially red lipstick. Why? Because doing that makes me feel beautiful and glamorous. Plus when I wear nice makeup and clothing, I get treated a lot better by the flight attendants. I respect myself and they respect me back. I actually feel sorry for the flight attendants when people travel unkempt and unclean. They must hate it.


While I’m on the flight, I put lotion on frequently and even touch up my makeup as needed. I also brush my teeth and make certain I have fresh breath. I’m certain the flight attendants appreciate that more than I realize. I also carry a perfume sample and put on a tiny dash of it to feel pretty (a tiny amount so I don’t bother people with fragrance allergies). But smelling pretty is a girl thing you know. Actually, it’s an Eve thing.

Although I love wearing very high heels, I opt for ankle boots with a chunky heel that are super comfy to walk in. Most of the international airports are huge! And after a long flight I am actually appreciative of the big terminals where I can walk fast and get my blood moving again.

When I finally arrive at my destination, I force myself to get right into the new time zone. I eat on schedule and sleep at a normal hour. That really helps to minimize jet lag. And I eat more carbs and green veggies. Somehow that helps to settle my stomach and calm jet lag queasiness.

When all else fails, I drink strong fresh coffee!!! But I always drink a couple of big glasses of water with Vitamin C first. Hydrate, energize, dress up and go!
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