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Shame on Nine West! Shame on us women!

Nine West is under fire for their new insulting ad:

“Nine West apparently dissatisfied with the amount of self-esteem issues that women already struggle with, has issued a clear but disheartening message with its latest ad campaign: We know you like pretty shoes, and we know why you like them — so you can do your walks of shame, hunt for husbands, and (once you’re properly married — to a man, natch), send the kids off to school in style. Right? Groan.”

I am a huge advocate for women wearing fabulous fashionable shoes. However I take huge exception to the bile being expressed towards women for loving great shoes. Especially since our love of them puts a lot of money in Nine West’s bank accounts.

But what really upsets me is the nerve they hit with the “So you can do your walks of shame.” Because for too many of us women, this shame and self-loathing is sadly true. We put ourselves down, we think negative thoughts about ourselves, and we tear other women apart. If we want that to change, then every woman needs to have the strength to break that bad habit and start giving herself a lot of love.

What I’m basically saying is that when we start holding ourselves in higher esteem, companies like Nine West won’t have the nerve to call us out on our insecurities. They wouldn’t dare.

So yes, we do hunt for husbands in heels. But often times, the men hunt for us! Yes, we do send our kids off to school with shoes on our feet. Are we supposed to do that barefoot?

I love love love glamorous sexy high fashion heels! But I also LOVE myself and other women enough to bow out of the “walk of shame”. Actually, I bowed out of it years ago.

We women never need to apologize for wanting to be fabulous. And we never need to be perfect! Men certainly aren’t.

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