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Okay, so it’s official. Sex and coffee, two of my favorite things actually help us live longer. I read that women who have an active sex life live on average thirty years longer than women who don’t. Well then, sign me up for more sex and coffee!!

According to Dr. Oz and some studies, there are actually five other things that help extend our lives…including being a little less positive and more realistic. A healthy dose of pessimism means being prepared to handle unknown events in the future. While I get this point, I don’t agree. I think being positive and happy deep down inside will change and extend your life. And if I’m wrong and it doesn’t extend it, your life is sure to be more fabulous while you are around.

Lately I’ve tried being much more positive (about everything!) and I can actually feel myself getting healthier and happier by the day. I pray every morning that I stay focused on thoughts and feelings that make me feel good. I also ask the universe to help me see the positive aspects of my self, my spouse, my family, my friends and everyone I come in contact with. Doing this takes a bit of training, but my body is loving this new outlook. I call this “gratitude with attitude”.

The other fours points speak for themselves: run a little, stand more and sit less, volunteer, and take responsibility.

Responsibility, to me, means taking your power back. When we do that, we instantly feel better and get healthier. Books have been written about the connection between being in our power and our health.

What can we learn from all this? Have sex, drink coffee, help out others, stand and move more. Now, please get out of my way…I am going to grow younger.

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