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A few days ago, I read an article on The Huffington Post called, My Naked Truth written by Robin Korth, a 59 yr old single woman. My assistant, Gabrielle wanted me to read it and write about it. Gabi is only 31 yrs old, so I was truly thrilled that she felt this topic was blog worthy. Not every young woman would have had the sensitivity to bring this to my attention. I’m grateful she did.

Robin Korth is a witty, self-assured woman who is seemingly comfortable in her own skin. Her story and her honesty make her all the more amazing.

In this poignant article, Robin blatantly talks about her humiliating experience in bed with a man close to her age.

Sexual attraction and what people find attractive vary wildly. I have a dear friend in Austin whose husband of is almost 30 yrs younger than she and yet he obviously still finds her sexy and fabulous, despite any wrinkles or crinkles. They have been happily married for over 20 years. I have another friend whose long-term boyfriend is 25 yrs older than she and they seem very happy after many years. The older younger, May to December romances no longer have rules that apply as to who is older and who has to be younger.

Yet, Robin meets a man almost her same age that can’t deal with her aging body. Maybe it was her skin, but maybe just maybe it was his sexual preferences. Maybe he just wasn’t turned on to her sexually.

Wouldn’t it have been enough to say he wasn’t sexually attracted to her? Did he have to act like such an anal aperture? Haven’t we all dated people we found mentally stimulating and interesting, yet the chemistry wasn’t there? I know I have.

I find it interesting that men can have protruding abdomens, balding heads and bony legs…yet they still act like they are hot stuff! Maybe we could use some of their bravado. Yes, bravado and audacity.

Not every person will find us sexually attractive, no matter what shape we’re in, young or old. This is human nature and this is also the risk we take when we get naked with someone.

But I have to wonder how a guy would take a woman telling him so bluntly that he has to play dress up to turn her on! Hah! Wouldn’t that be something?

This guy was brutally honest and insulting. But at least he showed his true colors at the beginning. To my mind, he did Robin a big favor by being so honest, which gave her the opportunity to walk away before she got emotionally involved.

I applaud Robin for sharing this very private moment. I think we’ve all had embarrassing sexual encounters. Getting past them with our self-esteem and dignity intact is what’s important. To the right guy, Robin’s body will be beautiful and a big turn on.

On a personal note, the ONLY thing I miss about being younger is having firm skin smooth skin without trying. Other than that, I love being my age.

But I’m certain they’ll soon invent a pill or a special laser that really works to smooth and firm our bodies…so no worries. All good.


Read the full article HERE.


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