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Cleavage. It’s been the focus and obsession of both men and women for centuries. Cleavage can send some powerful messages, both good and bad.

Historically, it’s interesting to note that how much or how little cleavage women have shown was totally dictated by the fashions of the time: from the 1700 and 1800’s when breasts were pushed up and displayed like they were being offered on a platter to the prudish covered up Victorian era and everything in between. Most women followed whatever was in Vogue, just like white wigs or heel heights.

However, in today’s world, where fashion rules are almost non-existent, we use cleavage as a clue to a woman’s sexuality. In fact, I think the issue of cleavage has become more of a figure-it-out free for all. It also seems to be different in major cities. For example, in Miami and Los Angeles, showing cleavage is very popular. However, in Washington D.C. and Dallas, Texas little or no cleavage is considered acceptable.


I understand how difficult it can be for a man to navigate the clues that cleavage sends. I created this list to help guys figure it out:

  1. Absolutely No Cleavage! The woman may be very religious and/or conservative. She may be uptight sexually depending if she also chooses to show no figure.
  2. A Little Bit of Cleavage: She is comfortable being a woman, but doesn’t want to risk not being taken seriously in business. Intellect and equality are her primary focus.
  3. Some Cleavage: She is very strong in her femininity and her smarts. That, or she’s oblivious and just dresses the way she wants to. She doesn’t care about men’s reactions to her cleavage. That’s their issue. She primarily dresses to please herself.
  4. A Lot of Cleavage During the Day: This woman craves attention. She wants all eyes on her chest and she’ll get them. Other women may hate her for this, but she doesn’t care. Or she doesn’t know what’s appropriate. Only women in certain occupations can pull off this look without daggers being sent their way: such as the fashion and beauty fields. Entertainment or porn industries can also carry this look off in the daytime and make it work for them.
  5. A Lot of Cleavage At Night: This woman may not show cleavage during the day, but loves to when on a date or at a party. She wants to look and feel sexy and/or she wants to get laid.
  6. All Breasts Bared: This woman may be Rihanna or Madonna who love to shock by showing their breasts for fashion’s sake.


So the age-old question seems to be “Tits or No Tits?” But seriously, can a guy really figure out what a woman wants or what she’s all about by her cleavage alone? A guy has to have the smarts to look at the “total woman.”


Although a lot of cleavage or the spilling out of it can send some strong sexual messages, there are actually three other areas of the body that helps a guy determine what a woman is all about:

  1. From the neck up (her face and hair)
  2. From the wrists down (her hands and nails)
  3. From her ankles down (her feet and shoes) 


How a woman wears her hair, her makeup, her nails and her style of shoes speaks volumes about what she is about: from skanky to classy and any other variety. She can look like a geek all the way to a glamour girl. It’s up to you to notice these things.

You can’t know everything about a woman just from her tits and ass.

My point is that cleavage in and of itself (unless outrageously in your face) cannot be the sole determiner of the sexual signals a woman is sending.

You also have to be sensitive to her vibe and how she comports herself. Even her voice and the way she speaks is a clue. And what about her intellect? Surely that has to count too.

So, while I’d love to make your lives easier and tell you if a woman has major cleavage showing that she wants to get laid, I really can’t.

I’m a happily married woman who also loves to show my cleavage when I feel like it. Men never come on to me inappropriately. My husband loves me to show my breasts off and I’m happy to oblige.

Joan Rivers once asked me on national television, “So it took you 55 years to become a slut?” To which I replied, “Hah! A happily married slut!!” Even my kids got a big laugh out of that!

Sorry guys, but you really have to do the work to find what you’re looking for in a woman. There is no magic “tit meter” that I know about.


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