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I look around me at the gym and stare at the gray white skin tone of too many people. Why is their pallor so sickly looking? What happened to their rosy cheeks and healthy glow? Why do so many of their bodies look like a less attractive shade of pale? Years ago, I didn’t see so many people void of color. On the over 40 crowd, it looks really bad to be so pasty white. It’s almost scary. I’m not talking about the occasional woman with porcelain thick smooth skin. I’m talking about sickly grey white, no sun at all, aging skin that makes a person look much older and frail. Not attractive!

What the heck is going on? It’s a fact that too many people in this country are suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies. We are also slathering on the sun block and avoiding the sun. Coincidentally, skin cancer is way up.

Years ago I read a book written by two physicians whose basic premise were that the sun is both healthy and necessary. They suggested that our bodies build their own natural immunities over time with a small amount of daily sun exposure. These doctors believed that the chemicals in sun block were causing more skin cancer than the actual sun exposure.

Huffington Post recently ran an article that was written by RealFarmacy, about the perils of no sun exposure. This is something I have been sensing for a while. Personally, it doesn’t feel good or look good to totally avoid the sun.

On a different level, in the metaphysical world, whatever one fears, one will draw to them more quickly. Most Americans are now afraid of skin problems due to the sun, so they avoid it. Yet the rate of skin cancers keeps going up. Maybe this is due to vitamin deficiencies, nutritional deficiencies, and sun deficiencies. So what’s the answer to this sun, no sun dilemma?

The answer, in my opinion, is moderation as the key to both health and beauty. The lower our sun exposure, the lower our natural Vitamin D levels drop which can cause a whole host of health issues including a compromised immune system and even depression. While we can take high doses of Vitamin D in supplements, the best remedy long term is 15-30 minutes a day of sun exposure.

If you’re really interested in being healthy and beautiful as you age, get some color! Get fresh air and sun. Get the glow that makes you healthy. And if you need sun block, use the ones that contain only zinc and titanium dioxide as their active ingredients. These are natural sun blocking agents that won’t cause your body harm.

I’ve tried being tan year round and I’ve tried being milky white. Somewhere in between lies a pretty healthy complexion, not to mention sexy legs and arms.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.

Personally, I am going to use my common sense in this matter and get some sunshine back into my life, soul sister. I’m tired of looking sickly white in my summer clothes and I love how happy I feel after a little sunshine on my body.

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