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Wow! What a fabulous fashion year this is turning out to be! This year’s leading fall fashion trends are exciting, creative, and yet so comfortable to wear. To me they almost feel like a “Big fashion hug” and are a perfect blend of “comfort and style”.

From chunky knit sweaters that envelope you as you slide them on to sturdy ankle boots that let you walk for hours in style and ease…the fashions are wearable and flattering.

The seventies are definitely omnipresent in color and silhouette. Hunter Green, Wine, and Rust are total throw back colors that just feel right this year. While black is always great, it’s grey that is now taking center stage as the newest neutral. Instead of feeling dowdy, grey feels fresh and exciting.

The sixties are also evident this fall season with bold bright colors, A-line dresses and minis. Mix these with over-the-top bright prints and you’ll be right on trend.

Normcore Looks

Normcore continues to make its fashion statement from the nineties with classic old school suits, classic colors, pleated trousers, turtlenecks, and plain “Seinfeld” dressing. Yes, it’s an important “non fashion statement” that has become a fashion trend of its own. We can all add elements of this street style trend to our wardrobes to make us instantly relatable.

From wild to absolutely plain…and everything in between…we have a creative fall season that is offering great Fashion choices for any fashion type from conservative to uber trendy.

And what about those year round ankle boots? There seems to be every version of an ankle bootie you can think of: Flat Chelsea boots, pointed toes, round toes, sturdy chunky heels, high stilettos, open-sides, laced up and closed up, sturdy, fringed, suede or leather…the ankle boot is the number one shoe to buy this season. I would buy a few if you can. They don’t need to be expensive, just fabulous and comfortable to get the look.

Knits Galore are gracing the fashion scene. Chunky, hand-woven, fair isles, cable, fringed, furry, you name it. Knit dressing of any kind is an important element to update your fall wardrobe. We are seeing head to toe knits in monochromatic colors that seem just right as the knits themselves create their own fashion statement. The oversized huge turtleneck sweater is an important part of this knit resurgence. But they only work well for women with longer necks. If you live in a warmer climate and want to sport the knit trend, then my advice is to choose interesting lightweight knits. They are thankfully out there to be found.

While minis stay strong the real news for skirts is the midi. The new midi is longer and fuller: as the midi skirt makes a big comeback. Pencil skirts in the new fall trend colors are strong too. But if you had to buy one skirt this season, I would definitely opt for a long midi with an inset waistline. It’s an elongated full circle skirt. Pair them with boxy tops or a chunky knit and you’ll be instantly on trend.

Moto jackets are now a “must have” for every wardrobe: from work to play that is the best investment to make. Black leather is essential. Once you own that and want to splurge, try a mixed fabric one or another color to spice up your wardrobe. Moto jackets can be worn over literally everything! Instant style and panache.

Single this fall means “single sole shoes”: While you can definitely still wear platforms, the outrageously outlandish super high platforms are out! If you don’t absolutely need platforms for comfort, buy single sole shoes and boots. You’ll be glad you did, as you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

Denim, denim, and more denim: The five easy pieces this fall to own in denim is: jeans, skirt, blouse, jacket and dress. After that, if you want to indulge, buy yourself a denim jumpsuit with sleeves. Dark to medium wash denim is best, but ALL denim is in. Wear denim with denim, denim with leather, and denim with anything. We’re even seeing dressier dresses and suits in denim. Obviously, it’s a trend that’s becoming an American classic and can’t be ignored.

Fringe has finally taken off with a vengeance! From fringed handbags to fringed boots and fringed clothing…it’s everywhere. I would opt for touches of it that doesn’t cost a fortune, as this is a trend that may be shorter lived than some of the others.

western lookWestern Chic is everywhere: from Chanel to Forver 21. Blanket knits, cowboy hats, conch belts, turquoise jewelry, cowboy boots, serape stripes, all mixed with denim and leather: will be such a chic look to embrace. It’s all about the mix that is so interesting. It’s almost as if Southwestern Meets Cowboy Glam. Super fun. Plus you know when Chanel shows it; it’s definitely a trend worth having.

Wide Legged Gaucho Pants: Yes they’re back. Make certain you wear them lose enough, in the right length that flatters your body. I wouldn’t invest too much money in this trend as I don’t think it will last, but looks very fresh right now.

“Global” takes on a whole new meaning this fall 2014. Ethnic colors, fabrics, and accessories are creative and exciting! From Irish Fair Isle knits to African animal prints to Native American Indian Wool Blanket Serape Stripes and more. Use your imagination to take your clothing from staid to sensational by adding some “ethnic” pieces to your normal mix.

Mixed Media can be seen in the wild mixing of prints in bold, bight and unabashedly “out there” combinations of varying colors, textures, and fabrics. Part of this new print mix equation is checks and plaids worn in fresh new ways. Large check patterns have made a huge comeback and look especially modern when mixed together tonally in larger and smaller patterns. This new look is definitely not for the timid woman.

Layers: Short over Long. Long over short. Pants under Skirts. Yes, that’s right: slim pants worn under skirts! Layers upon layers, adding knits, scarves, and furs over knits. This fall, some layering is good but more is better.

Backpacks are now the rage and a must have to give your wardrobe an “athletic chic” or “sportive” feeling. Slung over one shoulder seems like a more sophisticated way to wear this comeback trend. In an age of comfort and practicality, the backpack just makes good sense.

Sneakers: They are being worn with everything and anything, including feminine skirts and dresses, business suits and cocktail glam. Almost every high fashion shoe designer is offering his or her version of sneakers/athletic shoes. Adidas’s classic white clamshells were the rage at Paris Fashion Week and are the “must have” shoe if you can snag a pair. Reeboks have made a huge comeback with their colorful retro 90’s styles. Chanel has sneaker knee-hi boots. Thick soled, plain white or colorful, this is a look you must add to your fall look.

Oversized Coats will be the most visible fashion trend as they top everything from denims to dresses. The motto now is “go big or go home!” Buy a few sizes too big or just buy a big coat that envelopes you with style and cozy comfort.

Capes continue for this fall’s fashion scene. If you already own one, keep wearing it. If you can only buy a cape or a coat this season, I suggest you buy the oversized coat.




That’s all for now. Happy Shopping! There’s so much great fashion to choose from. If you need more personalized shopping help, contact us at info@evemichaels.com

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