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The emperor needs new clothes and so do his employees! Ugly and sloppy is ugly and sloppy. There’s no other way to say it. Going to work in pjs or awful crumpled shorts, logo t-shirts and awful Teva sandals is offensive to the eyes. It’s not “cool”. It’s juvenile.

The tech world’s fashion temper tantrum as in, “You can’t make me dress well. I am rich anyway and I don’t care what you think” needs to end.

It’s about time that someone spoke up (aside from me) about the sad state of fashion that tekkies are promoting. I get the whole “counter culture, screw how I look, I can make great money anyway kind of attitude. But now the tech world that has for the most part spit on fashion and beauty is now wanting to partner with the fashion world that they have despised. All for the sake of earning more money! How ironic.

As smart as the people are who run Apple, Facebook and Foursquare, they are ignorant of how the “energy of what they put on them is the energy they carry with them”. Beauty matters. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how others feel about us. We can’t wear our fame or our bank account on our backs.

In my opinion, it’s time for the tech world to grow up. The fashion/image pendulum desperately needs to swing back to the center. We really can be casual and well dressed. It’s no longer an either or. In the fashion world, it’s referred to as casual chic. For God’s sake, even Normcore would be better than what these geeks are wearing!

The fashion world has created fabulous casual stylish clothes, high tech sneakers, and utilitarian accessories. So now it would be nice for the tech industry wizards to meet the designers half-way and wear those wonderful clothes so one beautiful hand is washing the other.

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