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To me true beauty is beyond just the physical aspects that we normally think of. It is more than fashionable clothing that flatters our figures or fabulous hair and makeup.

True beauty is an energy that is close to god and the angels. It is magnificent in its imperfection and powerful beyond measure.

True beauty uplifts our spirits and affects our souls in a profound yet simple way.

It is glowing health and childlike abandon.

It is radiant joy and boundless peace.

It is living as if all of your dreams have come true and the anticipation of many more.

True beauty is the love of self in the deepest sense: the kind of love propels you to honor your self, take care of your self, and strongly respect your self.

The absolute essence of beauty that tangibly and almost breathlessly radiates out to everyone you meet…so that somehow they feel more beautiful just because they were near you.

And at the end of your life, your family, your children, your friends and all who knew you feel that true beauty touched their lives because of you, forever more.

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