“Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy”

The art and science of image is not easily accessible to Americans. If we are indeed global leaders in innovation and technology, then we have an inherent responsibility to look like global, innovative leaders.
Eve Michaels, author, motivational speaker and image expert, believes that every American should know what attributes and characteristics make them unique, and how to communicate them through their visual appearance. “We have forgotten about how much our image affects our psyche and every aspect of our lives. We’ve let our body and grooming go unattended to, and our manners and common courtesy are becoming a thing of the past.”

We are America the Beautiful. We the people. When we look our best and have a positive attitude, miracles can happen.

In “Dress Code”, Eve feels a personal responsibility to educate this country with an insightful and transformational journey derived from her thirty years of professional image expertise and in-depth teaching techniques on the art and science of image and beauty. Eve wants to help Americans upgrade their personal appearances to enhance their lives and careers, boost their self-esteem, and achieve the respect they deserve. “It is my sincere dream and desire to ‘Wake America Up’ one person at a time, one city at a time, and one nation at this time!”

After reading this book, you will never look at image the same way again! In the courtroom of real life, Eve’s compelling case for enhancing your image and taking greater pride in your appearance will win you over once and for all.

Eve’s Top 20 Tips to Energize Your Wow”

A practical guide to loving your image and your life from the creator of the famed “Get Your WOW! Back”™ Program. Eve knows how to boost your image on the inside as well as the Outside! In this handy book, Eve shares and explains twenty vital tips to regain your zest for life and boost happiness along with your appearance.

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