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Preparing myself for bed is a special ritual. Especially when I’m not too tired to enjoy how beautiful it can be.

I love to take a warm bath at night or a hot shower. In a pinch at minimum, a French bath will do. The idea is that I love to go to bed clean.

I believe that a woman must always smell good enough to eat!! A woman needs to emanate an aroma that delights the senses and imprints a positive memory on the senses. The sense of smell triggers the memory center of our brains, so I think its smart to make that trigger positive AND sensual.

After I bathe, I put beautiful smelling lotions and/or oils on my entire body. Then I spray on a light vanilla perfume all over. The aromatic scents are almost hypnotic to me.

Of course, I remove all of my makeup. I never go to sleep with makeup on. If I had too much to drink or am exhausted I may take a short nap, but I’ll always get up and wash my makeup off. I can’t sleep well knowing it’s on my face.

First I remove my lipstick and eye makeup with Koh Gen Do Spa Beauty Water. I found out about this at Barney’s in Las Vegas about 4 years ago and have been using it ever since. It is gentle and oil-free. I love how my makeup just glides off.

Next, I wash my face with Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. The buttery texture and thermal waters smell are almost a religious experience for my face! I use a clean warm washcloth to remove the cleansing balm. Then I look at my skin and see what it needs that night. I may use a retinol night serum or a glycolic product. Or I may use a lifting product or a deep hydrating night cream. Most of my skin care is by Omorovicza, but I do mix in things like Vitamin C serums and Lumixyl products from Envy Medical. My skin care products look like an apothecary of potions and lotions.

It’s smart to put rejuvenating products on our face and body before bedtime. Our cells rejuvenate the most while we sleep.

I carefully clean my eyelashes and then use Revitalash regrow serum on my lash line and eyebrows. After menopause, it’s important to pay more attention to your lashes and brows as they can thin out. So a regrowth serum is important whether you have eyelash extensions or not.

I floss my teeth and then brush. I can’t imagine going to bed without flossing. It’s so important for one’s health, breath, and appearance. Then I put on Rose Balm on my lips. I really prefer the one that comes in a small tube, not the metal tub. It’s much creamier and easier for me to apply. My hubby thinks that makes my lips feel incredibly sensual. So I always make sure to slather my lips with it morning and night.

My newest addition to my nightly regimen is a lovely scalp conditioner from Kerastase that my hairstylist Craig Piatti insists I use called Initialiste. I actually love how it smells and feels. It makes my scalp tingle! Then I put another Kerastase conditioner for the ends of my hair and massage it through.

My husband likes me to wear silk or satin short nightgowns or tap pants with a camisole. Since he’s the one I want to “turn on”, I’m happy to wear what he likes to bed. I think it’s smart for a woman to please her man visually since men are such visual creatures. Most men don’t get turned on by sweats or flannel p.j.’s on their woman. Sexy nighties can be comfy too. Really, they can.

I take some relaxing herbs to help me sleep better, as my mind is always racing and thinking…making it difficult for me to turn it off. The herbs help. So does a quick dose of Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy under my tongue.

As I lay my head down on my pillow, I thank God for all I am grateful for. I affirm that I am having a restful rejuvenating night of sleep and that I am waking up refreshed and invigorated, ready to begin my day.

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