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What the hell has happened to our self-respect in this country? How much worse can we look when we travel? How much lower can our expectations of service get? How much worse can we be treated when we fly on airplanes? How much can we tolerate? This is insane.

I believe that everything begins within. It’s easy to point our fingers at the airlines and say that it’s their fault because flying is so uncomfortable and unglamorous. But that is one finger at them and three back at us.

We look like slobs when we travel. We dress as if we are staying home and taking out the garbage. Many people stink and are not even bathed. Others have the audacity to clean their fingernails in their seat or worse, put their bare feet up on the seats in front of them!!

If we dress and act like slobs, then how do we expect to get treated? What happened to our dignity and sense of self-respect? We don’t dress well just for others; it’s for our own sense of pride.

And why the hell do we tolerate dirty airplanes and lousy air? Just to save a buck? Why do we allow ourselves to be herded on planes like cattle with little or no amenities? Again, just to save a buck and be treated like crap?

Look around at any airport. Really LOOK! What you will see, if you really care to notice is a bunch of awful looking people, unkempt, and unhealthy walking around like depressed looking zombies. I want to just scream!! I want them to know that life doesn’t have to be this way.

Please help me turn this situation around. You can be comfortable yet clean and stylish. All it takes is some effort. Take your dignity back. Dress like hundreds of people will see you, because they will. You matter! How you look and behave matters! Start demanding better service but for God’s sake, look like you deserve to be treated well.

How we treat ourselves, is how we will be treated. Life is like that.

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