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Maybe time just crept up on you! It seemed like yesterday that you were young and fabulous. Your body was firm and you felt sexy. All of a sudden something hits you like a thunderbolt and you realize that you have aged.

What is the alternative? Death? No thank you. I’ll opt for “aging well”.

Aging well? Isn’t that a total oxymoron? Maybe it was for our parents’ generation, but not for us. Aging well means being proactive and aging more of the way you want to age. It’s your lifestyle, attitude, and choices that make a huge difference.

Modern science has shown that the body and mind can stay young much longer than we believed if we:

  1. Are hormonally and nutritionally balanced
  2. Eat natural foods that are high in proteins, vegetables and fiber
  3. Hydrate sufficiently
  4. Have enough minerals and vitamins in our daily regimen
  5. Stay slim
  6. Drink alcohol in moderation
  7. Avoid taking unnecessary drugs
  8. Exercise regularly: cardio and weight resistance training
  9. Meditate, pray, and stimulate our minds daily
  10. Have an active sex life
  11. Be grateful, positive and play! (Life doesn’t have to be so serious)

We can also look and seem way younger than our years if we:

  1. Wear modern clothing and stylish accessories
  2. Have a flattering current haircut and style
  3. Use makeup to accentuate our lashes, brows, and lips
  4. Pamper our complexions and have a blushing glow
  5. Exfoliate regularly and moisturize our face and body
  6. Stand up straight: great posture makes everyone look better
  7. Get some sun so we don’t look pale and pasty!
  8. Are energetic and enthusiastic
  9. Stay current in our thinking and have a purpose
  10. Be up to date with our technology and use it!

Our minds are very powerful. If you truly believe that you can get better with each year like a fine red wine or a beautiful oak tree…then you will! Every day, see yourself rejuvenating and regenerating! See yourself getting stronger, wiser, and more beautiful.

Enjoy every day of life that you are blessed with by being “full of life”. Dance and play with the enthusiasm of a child. Laugh and be silly. After all we are all just kids inside.

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