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  • Sweater Savvy
    Sweater Savvy
    Snuggle up to your loved one and enjoy hot cocoa with these smoking steals! Single? Stay cozy while you flaunt your “no man don’t give a damn” look in a trendy new coffee shop. Either way, these sweaters are meant to be flaunted!          
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  • How To Survive An international Flight
    How To Survive An international Flight
    I have been traveling internationally a lot the last few years. The incredibly long trips can really take a toll on a woman’s psyche and body. I like to be high energy so I had to figure out a way to do these flights and still feel good after. Otherwise, it can be grueling to […]
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No time? No money? No fashion sense? Too young, too old? No excuse is worth not investing in yourself. Refining your image can be done quickly and on a budget with a very simple understanding of fashion and style, for anyone of any age. When you understand how your outer image becomes a channel for your inner beauty and confidence; great things are possible.

Invest in yourself and achieve:

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