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  • Simple Chic
    Simple Chic
    These pieces are simple, chic, and timeless. Instead of hanging around in your sweat pants, swap those unflattering house pieces with comfortable yet stylish clothing that you can run to the market in at a moments notice. You’ll feel better about yourself AND won’t be embarrassed when you run into an acquaintance or ex. In […]
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  • Beautify
    Putting your best face forward for the holidays is more than smoky eyes, metallic accents, and nude colored lips; it’s about keeping your skin healthy, shiny, well hydrated, and aging gracefully. Here are some of my favorite makeup products and secret skincare tips to keep your skin looking beautiful and bright. Enjoy!       […]
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Image connects directly to your success

No time? No money? No fashion sense? Too young, too old? No excuse is worth not investing in yourself. Refining your image can be done quickly and on a budget with a very simple understanding of fashion and style, for anyone of any age. When you understand how your outer image becomes a channel for your inner beauty and confidence; great things are possible.

Invest in yourself and achieve:

More confidence

More respect

A better career

A better romantic life

More money



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