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  • Cream Blushes: The Product Of A Post Orgasmic Glow
    Cream Blushes: The Product Of A Post Orgasmic Glow
    Yahoo Shine featured an article recently about cream blushes that really work. I’m glad that some makeup lines are finally creating cream blushes that last and do what they promise too! So why would any woman opt for a cream blush when she already uses powder blushes?   Cream blushes give your face more of […]
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  • Beauty Is As Beauty Does
    Beauty Is As Beauty Does
    Have you ever seen a perfectly styled woman who from a distance seemed flawless? But once you got close to her, and felt her egotist negative energy, she didn’t look very beautiful. Or what about the woman who was dressed great but acted like a snobby ice queen? Haven’t we all met women who looked […]
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