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  • This Emperor Needs New Clothes
    This Emperor Needs New Clothes
    The emperor needs new clothes and so do his employees! Ugly and sloppy is ugly and sloppy. There’s no other way to say it. Going to work in pjs or awful crumpled shorts, logo t-shirts and awful Teva sandals is offensive to the eyes. It’s not “cool”. It’s juvenile. The tech world’s fashion temper tantrum […]
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  • Packing Like A Parisian
    Packing Like A Parisian
    Love the concept, and thoughts in this Yahoo article: The 13 Essential Items You Need To Pack Like A Parisian Parisian chic is effortless, but packing efficiently is not! I would add a couple of things to their list. Other than these, I love their suggestions! Learning to appreciate that “less is more”.   1. A […]
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